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The Bitch is Back! Good Tea Returns!

Don't call it a comeback, call it a takeover! After nearly a year break and a brief return in March, Good Tea is back to keep bringing the shade! Personally I have had a CRAZY year and I think it would be great to channel my frustration, excitement and shadiness back into Good Tea!

A LOT has changed from the last time I posted regularly. Kim K got robbed, Trump became president, Lydia returned to the OC, Queen Bey had the twins and Shady Phae Phae got exposed for her trifling ways! Because I've been MIA lets dish on this years most piping hot tea!

This years Atlanta Reunion was NEXT level! Wow! I don't know what was worse Phaedra getting exposed, Porsha's fake tears or Sheree's look. Tragic. Ever since season 3 when NeNe checked Phaedra for her shady behaviour I knew she couldn't be trusted. Yeah sure I laughed at the occasion shade she threw, or got a little life from her mmm-hmm's, but I knew that Phaedra was the snake in the grass that was waiting to pounce. But when Shady Phae Phae tried to bounce Karma stepped in and stomped that bitch into the ground! Word on the curb is that Phaedra got fired and won't be back for season 10 which I think is so damn stupid! Think about all the fights that could of happened between Kandi, Porsha and Phaedra! I mean they doggone kept Vicki's ass after her cancer scam. Ah well. Anyway OG's NeNe and Kim are back and I am excited for the iconic tenth season to air! I'll be posting some EXCLUSIVE filming tea about RHOA real soon!

Now I'm not the only one making a comeback! I wanna talk about the year of the returning Housewives. Sheree managed to snatch her peach back and they done dug up Kim Z and Lisa Wu as well for some guest appearances in the ATL. Jill Zarin made her triumphant return to play with the New York City Housewives. Over in the OC Lydia has brought her rainbows and tried to "fix" everyone. Gretchen, Lizzie, Alexis and Peggy Tanous are also possibly making returns at some point in the season depending on how this season is edited. And if all those comebacks weren't enough DANIELLE STAUB is headed back to Jersey to stir up the drama over there! DAMN all they need is Brandi Glanville to come back to the 90210 and we are all set!

Also I'm happy for Queen Bey for welcoming Rumi and Sir into the world and also for Kimye who are spending more money than I will ever make on their surrogate for baby number 3! Miley Cyrus is back to her semi normal self and I am loving her new song Malibu! I'm also LIVING for JLo and A Rod's new relationship! Yes get that Miss Lopez! And if all of that mess isn't enough OJ is getting out. Yep, I'm just gonna leave that there...

Well I am SO excited to OFFICIALLY be back and can't wait to do more TV recaps, Shades of the Weeks, EXCLUSIVE Housewives Tea and soo much more. Good Tea is back and it will be BETTER than ever. Stay tuned bitches xx

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