Brandi Glanville vs Joanna Krupa Is FINALLY Over!

Well nearly 4 years, the Smelly Pussy Trial is FINALLY Over!

As you might remember The Real Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa sued the The Real Housewife of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville for defamation because she said that her "pussy smelt".

Not too many details were given out but word on the street is that a settlement was made so Brandi, who just entered Celebrity Big Brother had to hand over some money! I'm positive that Brandi is ECSTATIC that she can stop giving all over her hard earned coins to her lawyers.

Joanna Krupa has also recently broken up with her husband Roman Zago, who we saw get married on The Real Housewives of Miami and he publicly confirmed that Joanna's vagina smells pretty good. Wait, but didn't they never have sex? Mmmm.

Anyway I'm sure that everyone is happy that this smelly battle is finally over! Joanna Krupa is truly a petty bitch, I mean this pussy war is the ONLY reason her skinny ass is relevant. Trust and believe!

To be honest, now I'm just hoping that now Brandi can get her ass back over to Beverly Hills and bring some well needed mess to that bland ass show!

If you want to see Brandi's truly iconic slam check out the video below!

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