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Shade of the Week: Ramona Singer

There are SO many words to describe this weeks Shade of the Week: Ramotional, Rameana, RamonaCoaster, The Apologiser, Singer Stinger but make no mistake Ramona Singer is an iconic real housewife. Now just because Miss Singer is an icon doesn't mean that we like her! Ever since Ramona bounced onto our screens, she has always "said what she thinks" and by that I mean that she's always played a fool.

We've all seen Ramona's mean and cunning ways so I don't understand why everybody is so shocked about her behaviour this season. Queen B of NYC has finally been the Housewife strong enough to go up against Ramona and she is not letting that extension wearing biatch get away with any of her shady tricks. Ramona on this season of RHONY has been cringy and given me Jill Zarin season 3 vibes. Whether it was OBVIOUSLY bringing up Bethenny's "soft porn" to embarrass her, completely say alternative facts about Bethenny or maybe the worst of all - being a complete "room whore".

One of the only housewives to actually back Ramona is Dorinda, and Ramona has been nothing but a See You Next Tuesday to that woman. She DESTROYED her Berkshires house and tried to bully her out of her room in BOTH Vermont and Mexico, I mean does this bitch have absolutly no self awareness? Or maybe she just doesn't care that she looks like selfish mess. Mmm. Can we also talk about her TOTAL messiness with inviting Missy, Harry Dubin, Luann, Tom and Sonja all to the same event while she walked around with a weak pony, I mean. OR what about that dinner with her daughters friends - did you not die?! I mean WHAT?! Like imma need you to pump the breaks for a few seconds there Ramona!

Don't get me wrong I have liked Ramona over the years, especially when she was against Aviva but I am SO happy that this MF is finally getting what she deserves. I don't know if she is acting this way because Mario left her for a younger girl, or because her daughter is at college, or because her hair extensions deal fell through, or because she's a 60 year old woman who can't keep a man (catch that shade) but for whatever reason she has been so disgusting on this season of RHONY and she needs to sort it out REAL fast before her ass signs the contract for next season! BLOOP! Proceed with caution Miss Singer!

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