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RHONY Recap: Tequila Trauma

The first 10 minutes of this episode were some of the best in housewives history! I mean we had drunk Sonja talking about having sex with Lu and then out of nowhere Bethenny threw off all her clothes and jumped right in the pool. THEN after Bethenny got naked Sonja ripped all her clothes and jumped in to! Tequila makes people crazy but I don't even think Bethenny was that drunk. I mean the visual of Sonja reaching out of the pool to get more tequila was one of the best ever, I need that gif in my life! But my favourite part of the whole episode was seeing Dorinda squeeze Sonja in Bethenny's bikini, it really was like a piece of spaghetti moving around. AND THIS WAS ONLY THE FIRST 10 MINUTES! There has been lots of haters about this season of New York Housewives but these ladies know how to deliver, especially on va-cay!

While Dorinda was squeezing Sonja into her bikini Bethenny and Ramona were talking out their beef in the pool. They talked about that initial fight where Ramona brought up how Bethenny was naked and doing soft porn, and they had this discussion IN A POOL WHILE BETHENNY WAS NAKED, the irony! Ramona low key owned her behaviour, but not really in my opinion. I don't know if it was the tequila or what but Ramona and Bethenny crying at the end was like something out of a bad Katherine Heigl movie. After their beef was some what squashed then Bethenny finally let Sonja kiss her. I mean Sonja had been trying to get kisses off everyone all night and I live for when Sonja's drunk lesbian tries to come out.

Then we had the Bethenny vs Dorinda fight which I thought was just stupid! First of all Dorinda was in her mode here the producers struggle to make subtitles because she was that drunk and secondly I don't think that Bethenny's anger came from Dorinda's comments. I feel like she is a very neurotic person who needs everything organised and she does get offended when people come for her. Like she said, she's very sensitive about her business and other people talking about it so I didn't even give that fight any attention and I was relieved when those two made up. On the other hand - well literally, Dorinda somehow managed to cut her hand in someway that just confused me so much but trust Dorinda to give us a good drunk moment.

The final day on the trip was a little lukewarm, but the fact that those women could stand and talk the next day is just insane. Ramona, Tinsley and Carole went on the boat and tried to catch a fish while the other girls relaxed. Carole couldn't catch a fish and shadily bought one and passed it off as her own which was fun to watch. I don't know if I'm more surprised that the women bought it or that Ramona didn't just tell.

After this we got to the final dinner of this iconic trip in Mexico. Tinsley was drunk on another level and TBH I like drunk Tinsley. The girls all said their "rose and thorn" of the trip and OF COURSE Lu ruined it with bringing up Tom. I kinda want to live inside of Lu's brain to see how she thought that Tom was apart of the game. I mean is there just two lights in her head that light up saying either TOM or PALM BEACH. And Bethenny's reaction to Lu bringing up Tom was me. I need that gif too! Speaking of Palm Beach, I was #TeamTinsley in her fight with Lu. First of all Luann, who cares that Tinsley was using the "f bomb" she's on vacation, and did you guys notice how 2 seconds after the fight, Luann said the "f bomb". The mess! After Luann told her to stop using the "f bomb" Tinsley came for Lu and told her to stop saying Palm Beach. Yass Tinsley! Get that shade! And then it was just sad to see them fight over basic geography - who cares? It was actually interesting to see Lu and Tins interact because they haven't really had much to do with each other this whole season. AND did you guys see Bethenny's face when Tinsley was playing with the knife, her total mom voice came out! Anyway we finally got to the end of the Mexico trip and I am a little depressed, especially because next week is the season finale and Tom is having ANOTHER hot mic moment which I am beyond ready for!

The Real Housewives of New York City season finale airs Wednesday at 9/8c on Bravo. Check out Good Tea's shady episode recap after next weeks episode!

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