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7 Reasons Why RHOD Season 2 Will Be Worth Watching

The Real Housewives of Dallas

The Real Housewives of Dallas is FINALLY returning for their second season on August 14! From the looks of the epic trailer below we have A LOT to look forward to! Last season didn't deliver as much as everyone expected but season 2 is about to blow season 1 out of the water and give Dallas a whole new look! So now every Monday night after we get our dose of the OC ladies we can settle in and watch the ladies of Dallas deliver drama bigger than ever before! If you need anymore convincing to tune in then check out our 7 reasons why RHOD will be must watch TV!

1. Snatched Looks

From the trailer one thing is clear, the glam for this season is on another level! LeeAnne's blush is gone forever and she is beat for this season. All six housewives hair this season is popping! I can't wait for the life I'm gonna get from these divas confessionals.

2. Kameron

As Cary referred to her in the trailer, Kameron acts like she is Elle Woods from Legally Blonde and I guess that I'm here for that.Her overall vibe seems happy and bright but I'm feeling like she can still stand up for herself and not let people walk all over her. Think Lydia McLaughlin.

3. D'Andra

D'Andra is the second newbie to join the cast and she's coming along as LeeAnne's new partner in crime (taking over from Tiffany). She looks like a bad ass chick that doesn't take shit from nobody and I'm excited to see how she fares down in Dallas.

4. LeeAnne Smashes Plate

If you STILL don't want to tune in, this reason alone should make you sit your ass down infront of your TV to watch RHOD. I'm not sure what happens, why it happens or how it happens but I am gonna grab my popcorn and be front and centre to watch.

5. LeeAnne the Hot Dog? This just proves that LeeAnne will check a bitch even if she's wearing a hot dog costume. I don't know why or how this happened but I am buzzing for this episode. And she even brought the costume into her confessionals. YASS LEEANNE SLAY!

6. Brandi and Stephanie Frenemies?

Now this gives me all the feels. The two poop besties from last season aren't friends anymore. Jesus Fix It! I can't handle Brandi and Stephanie not being friends but I hope that the silver lining is that we get some good drama out of this! Brandi is my favourite in Dallas so I hope these make up quick!

7. Mexico Trip

The Housewives always take a trip, last season was Austin but they have stepped it up because they are heading down south to Mexico. I feel like it is a rite of passage for Housewives to get down to Mexico and let the tequila (or Jesus Juice) take over! But it seems like the Dallas ladies are playing with.. dildos? HA! I am living for this!

The Real Housewives of Dallas second season premieres August 14 at 10/9 on Bravo and check out the epic trailer below to get ready for all the southern tea!

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