Kylie Jenner Whines About Her Life on Premiere of 'Life of Kylie'

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is the star of the latest Kardashian spinoff. On the debut episode the youngest sibling shared that she "I just want to run away." Chile, please! If I had millions of dollars, my own show, 14 houses and a successful business I would keep my mouth shut and accept the checks!

This is what annoys me about Kylie, she complains too much and isn't grateful for what she has. She continued to say that "I don't like all the attention because it reminds me I'm Kylie f****n Jenner". Oh god. I'm sorry Miss Kylie but if you don't like the fame stay off social media. Don't post where you are and what your doing for every second of everyday.

Kylie also took some kid to prom on this episode of her show. Eh. I am so so over Kylie Jenner. She's always so vague and quiet about everything so I really don't understand the appeal - at all. Critics are also saying that the show was like watching a 30 minute snapchat, now catch that shade!

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Life of Kylie airs Sundays at 9/8c on E!