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Meghan King Edmonds SHADES Luann De Lesseps on Watch What Happens Live!

After The Real Housewives of Orange County last night Meghan King Edmonds appeared on Watch What Happens Live and shaded a housewife from a different city.

Andy Cohen brought up Luann de Lesseps's split from Tom D'Agostino and MKE suggested that maybe Luann only married Tom for a storyline. SHADE! After she said that Andy had a major WTF face! We all know Andy is only keeping Meghan around because he's friends with Jimmy. Catch that shade!

Maybe this shade says more about Meghan than it does about Luann? I mean last season all she did was talk about having a baby and how Jimmy didn't care and now this season she's talking about raising the baby and shocker - Jimmy still doesn't care. Without that baby Meghan's ass would be less than relevant! Bloop!

Check out the clip below and pay attention to Andy's reaction!

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