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Eva Longoria Talks Serena Williams Baby Shower and Body Shamers!

Eva Longoria appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers and spilled some tea about Serena Williams baby shower and find out what she says to body shamers!

Last week tennis player Serena Williams threw a 50's themed bay shower and the Desperate Housewives star got creative! Eva told Seth Meyers that she went to a halloween shop and sewed her own outfit! Apparently Serena is big on themed parties and throws some shade if you don't dress up. Eva also revealed that she has been sewing since she was 7 and is her friends personal seamstress. Yes Eva! This proves that she is nothing like her Desperate Housewives character!

Eva also talked to Extra about online body shamers, saying that “In the summer, I live in a bikini, even if I’m not bikini-ready. I’m wearing it, and I’m in love — I already have my man, I don’t have to be skinny.” She also said that she doesn't pay any attention to what people are saying about her weight because she likes her wine too much! Okay, now she definitely doesn't sound like Gaby Solis! Eva Longoria is tiny so anyone slamming her online must be blind!

Can you believe that Eva can sew and what do you think about people slamming her weight? Sound off in the comments! You can also check out her Seth Meyers interview below!