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Queen Elizabeth Is Abdicating! Are You Ready For King Charles?

Queen Elizabeth & Prince Charles

Elizabeth is out, and Charles is in!

Word on the palace halls is that Queen Elizabeth is getting ready to abdicate the throne to make way for her son, Charles to become King. The Queen is 92 years old right now but sources close to the royal family are saying that Liz wants to pass the crown onto Charles by the time she's 95.

No. I'm sorry but I don't want Charles to be the King. On account of what he did to Diana, and on account of him being married to that horse - I don't want him to take power. We all know about the royal tea that Diana spilled and we all know how horrible he was to her.

I think the bottom line is that I don't want to see Camilla as the Queen. Yuck!

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The only reason the royal family is still relevant is because of Will, Kate and Harry so why don't we skip Charles and Camilla and just insert Will and Kate into the throne. Don't you think King William and Queen Kate has a ring to it?

What do you think about this royal shakeup? Would you prefer Will and Kate take the throne? Sound off in the comments!

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