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RHONY Reunion Recap: It's About Tom

It's reunion time in New York! This year the women are sitting down in the oldest synagogue in Manhattan, so thats a fun fact! I loved the set, I think it is maybe the best ever. The fashions were okay, I think they could of been stepped it up a bit but you can check out our fashion roundup, link below! We started off with Andy's awkward hellos and we found out that Tinsley and Scott are still together, Sonja found a new place and might be selling the townhouse. Ramona might also have a new boyfriend!

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The first clip was about how crazy Ramona has been this season. The one thing I love about the New York reunions are that they can all laugh at the clips and have fun with it, compared to some of the other cites in the franchise! My favourite part of the whole reunion was Bethenny going "ugh" when Jill popped up in the clip! We need a Zarin comeback next season! Ramona kind of owned her behaviour this season, kind of. It wasn't her "intension" to be a bitch, okay Rameana! They skimmed over Ramona destroying Dorinda's house. Apparently she needed to find the cord and unplug it but was too drunk and just ripped it the light off the wall and she claims she didn't see it. Ramona, come on!

Then Bethenny went IN because Ramona didn't acknowledge her assistants. I think that Ramona is one of those people that you meet 100 times and she still doesn't remember you. I also think that Ramona is one of those people that would "pretend" not to acknowledge you just because thats her nature. Bethenny ripped into Ramona and Andy sits there and laughs, I get that they're friends but we all know that Bethenny runs the RHONY reunion, not Andy. Andy also asked Bethenny if her and Jill will ever be friends and we can all guess what Bethenny said. No. Then she launched into a dialogue about how Andy asks her that every reunion, every birthday, every Hanukah, every WWHL. All day long! Okay, now we really need a season 10 Zarin comeback! Ramona has a man and Bethenny realised that this is the first time that everyone is in a relationship. Great observation B, because that only lasted 3 weeks! (See: Tom & Lu)

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In the second clip we took a dive into Sonja and Dorinda's feud. Dorinda is a gem with the best one liners on the show! I mean the woman gave us "Clip, Clip, Clip!" and "easy pass on your Holland tunnel!" Andy tried to get the tea on who Dorinda's "sources" were but she was not gonna give them up! They also talked about Sonja's drinking, which I am so sick off. She said she was "sober" for 10 months but she "sipped" in the townhouse and "sipped" in Vermont. Mmm, okay Lady Morgan! They also talked about Sonja wearing Dorinda's silk pyjamas and Sonja gave Dorinda the worst apology ever, even in Housewives world. Anyway, apparently these two are all good now. Until season 10.

The final part of the episode was all about the Tom and Luann drama! Every word that Luann said the girls questioned it and did not let her get away with anything. Luann can't say nothing right when it comes to Tom. Lu said she only just watched Tom's hot mic moment and that she is going to talk about, maybe that finally broke them up? After watching this reunion it is very clear that Lu wanted this to work but Tom just fucking up and she just made excuses. We also got the tea that Lu gave Sonja a save the date but because of Sonja's trash talking she disinvited her. Oooh, at least we know Sonja didn't make that up!

They also talked about Ramona investigating Tom and how EVERYONE had heard something about Tom. Ramona finally spilled the tea about what she knew at last years reunion. Apparently Tom met some girl at the Regency and said he was in an open relationship and got a hotel room. Of course Lu didn't believe it. Come on Lu! Luann also said that she would leave if he cheated which I 100% do not believe, at all! Bethenny also raised that point that nothing makes sense. Why would Tom marry her and cheat if he is under the media watch at all times, shady boots! I don't know about any of you but I am SO over this Tom and Luann BS! I know it's only part one but Tinsley was MIA for this entire hour! Proceed with caution!

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