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Jacqueline Laurita Spills The TEA On Leaving RHONJ!

Good Morning Tea Drinkers! I've got some piping hot tea on an ex housewife, so sit back and soak up all the shadiness. Word on the street is that Jacqueline Laurita is a happy woman without RHONJ in her life!

Jac spilled the tea to Page Six that the producers gave her a starting date for season 8 but were worried that it wouldn't be "authentic" because of her beef with Teresa, Melissa and Danielle. Apparently they only wanted Jac part time to see how much drama she could create and then maybe bump her up to full time.

Well we all know how stressed Jac can get when she is filming so she said it wasn't worth her stress and time if she wouldn't be a full-time housewife, so she said goodbye to the show.

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The ex-housewife said that she was asked to turn up to group events but chose not to because she knew that there would be drama involved. Mmm, I would have loved to see Jacqueline go head to head with Danielle again, especially now that Teresa and Danielle are "friends."

Although she won't be back Jacqueline said that she talks to Siggy and Dolores all the time even if they aren't filming. Word on the curb is that season 8 will star Teresa, Melissa, Siggy, Dolores with rumoured new housewife Margaret and the comeback of Danielle Staub. Oh chile.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is returning later this year on Bravo! How do you feel like Jacqueline won't be back? Sound off in the comments below! Join the movement Tea Drinkers! You can keep updated with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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