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Kylie Jenner Doesn't Want To Be Weird! Get the TEA!

Hey Tea Drinkers! Have I got a scoop for you!

Kylie Jenner is spilling the tea on a new episode of her failing reality show "Life of Kylie" that she doesn't want to wear wigs anymore. Ugh, I am SO over this little girl.

Apparently she wanted nice, long black hair when she went to Coachella and didn't want to look to crazy. Really? Nobody cares Kylie! See THIS is the problem with giving this Kardashian a spinoff. Now, the Kardashians have always been described as shallow and vein but I think Miss Kylie takes the cake!

When she's not talking about her "anxiety" she's talking about how she hates being famous. Hey! I have an idea. Don't post what you do on social media every three seconds if you don't like to be famous, okay! Mmm, I smell a SHADE OF THE WEEK coming up!

If you care, Life of Kylie airs Sundays at 9 on E! You can check out Kylie talking about talking about the wigs below. Ugh.

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