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Mark Wahlberg Is The World's Highest Paid Actor of 2017!

Mark Wahlberg has some serious coin after last year!

Word on the street is that Mark is Hollywood's highest paid actor, according to Forbes. Mark took out the top spot with $68 MILLION! DAMN! Dwayne Johnson came in second place with $65 million, followed by Vin Diesel with $54.5million and Adam Sandler is coming in fourth place with $50.5 million. The top 5 was rounded out by Jackie Chan with $49 million.

Holy shit! These actors have made some serious coin, and I did not expect Marky Mark to take out this top place. All up the top 10 made $488.5 MILLION dollars which is THREE TIMES what the the top 10 females made, ouch! Talk about inequality!

These actors have made a killing in the last year, but remember this is all before taxes and these guys would have taxes higher than Snoop dog on his birthday! Catch that shade!

What do you think about these numbers? Are you surprised Mark Wahlberg took out the highest spot? Sound off in the comments below!

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