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How The Kardashians Saved Kendall's Eyebrows!

The mess of this story!

Kendall Jenner is spilling the tea in a new Vogue makeup tutorial, that back when she was 14 she was obsessed with having ultra thin eyebrows! All this girl had was a "line of an eyebrow" what a mess!

When her famous family saw the mess that she made of her face they went through the whole house and threw out every tweezer they could find! Those Kardashians take their eyebrows seriously! It obviously worked because Kennie hasn't touched her brows since.

Kylie has slayed with her own makeup line and her eyebrows are thicker than Kim's booty so obvious the girls gave her the same beauty lesson!

Do you guys like the thicker eyebrows better? Sound off in the comments below!

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