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RHOC Recap: St. Patrick's Day

It looks like things may be starting to heat up in the OC, I mean we are 8 episodes in. Tamra and Shannon still aren't speaking to Vicki but this episode somehow managed to entertain me.

Vicki was lounging at the pool with Briana and would not stop talking about her feud with Tamra and Shannon. Briana was more than over this beef. I love Briana and I think that she might be the most sane person on this show. She is level headed, knows exactly what to say and doesn't back down from a fight. Someone give this girl an orange! Meghan needs to hand her orange over to Briana because if there is one person that can get Vicki and Tamra back together, it is Briana.

Speaking of Meghan, I cannot physically sit and watch another scene of her and that baby. I get it, you had a baby. I get it the baby is cute, but I could not care less. Hand the orange back! Peggy also needs to take that orange straight back to Bravo because I am so sick of watching her mess up common phrases. You've lived in America for years how do you manage to get confused with simple phrases in every single episode? By the way, what was that whole butterfly thing? I would not be seen dead with those two in public if Diko was running around pretending to be a butterfly. The mess!

Shannon met with Peggy and discovered that Peg is actually negative for the BRCA gene but got the double mastectomy anyway. I love me some Shannon Beador but I am so over the subtle Brooks undertones. I may not like Peggy, but I don't think she's faking cancer. Also can Shannon and Tamra just wear shirts that say: "DO NOT TALK ABOUT VICKI GUNVALSON" because whenever they film with Peggy/Lydia/Kelly they have to remind them that they hate Vicki. That isn't changing anytime soon so if I were the other girls, I would steer clear of any Gunvalson talk. Tamra and Peggy had a meeting because Peg found out that Tamra was mad about their conversation in the last episode. Tamra said that Peggy had a Resting Bitch Face which is so true. They resolved the issue in about 2 minutes. I don't think they like each other, but the issue is gone.

Tamra and Eddie met Shannon and David for dinner which in my head, I thought was going to be goals but Shannon managed to make it awkward. This dinner made me think back to The Beadors first season. They were fighting all the time and had those little side comments. I just genuinly hope that David doesn't cheat again. Shannon was mad because David has become obsessed with the Spartan races and Shannon is not here for it. I think that Shannon shouldn't have to do the Spartan race but she shouldn't bring David down if he wants to do it. Next up was the Spartan race. Tamra, Lydia, Eddie, Doug and David all ran around. Nothing special.

I guess the most talked about part of the episode is Kelly and Shannon's St Patrick Day sit down. Kelly told Vicki that she was going to meet Shannon and Meghan for drinks and you could tell how pissed that made Vicki. Vicki needs Kelly by her side at all times because she is one of the only people on the show that actually likes her. If Kelly hangs out with Tamra and Shannon she might realise that Vicki has an evil side.

On St Patrick's Day, Shannon rocked up with that green shirt from Ireland and everyone was getting PTSD! I loved it, whenever Shannon is bubbly and jumping around it gives me so much life! Both Kelly and Shannon somehow managed to sit down and talk about their issues with no one yelling or throwing a plate. They hugged it out and I am kind of into seeing a Shannon/Kelly friendship! Kelly said that Vicki believes that Tamra is in Shannon's ear and Shannon clapped back saying that Vicki is in Kelly's ear. Truth! Kelly must be stupid if she can't see that Vicki is the puppet master pulling her strings. I smell a Vicki/Kelly feud coming up next season!

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Stay tuned at Good tea for our shady episode recaps and exclusive tea on the first ladies of Bravo!

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