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Shade of the Week: Taylor Swift

Taylor is our first celebrity that we've shade twice but trust me, it is well deserved.

Last week this blonde twats bombshell dropped and she is attempting to throw shade but it turns out that Taylor can't throw for shit! If you've cared to look at her new video clip, for her trashy song with no beat: Look What You Made You Do, you would see that Taylor is a disrespectful heifer.

In her video she makes fun of Kim Kardashian's paris robbery. Um what? In the video you can see Taylor sitting a bath showing off diamonds on, and later she is robbing people. I mean, Kim was tied up in a bath because she showed off her jewellery. Taylor Swift needs to watch her stuff. Just because she exposed you for being a snake doesn't mean that Taylor should come for her. Taylor should just sit by herself in the corner and think about changing her snake ways.

I am so sick of this little girl. That is exactly was she is, a little girl with WAY to much time and money on her hands. This is only the first video clip in her new album. Taylor is REACHING for attention and I am not gonna give it to her mouse looking ass so mark my words: this is the last time I'll be talking about this trolls album, unless Kim claps back. If so I am definitely writing a piece! Proceed wit caution, little girl!

Do you guys think Taylor was throwing shade at Kim? Are you sick of her as well? Watch the clip below to make up your own decision about her new video and sound off in the comments below!

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