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Abby Lee Miller Is Writing A Tell All About Her Life In Prison!

Looks like Abby is pulling a Teresa!

As you probably know Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller is in jail serving a sentence for fraud. Word on the street is that she has hired a ghost writer to help her write a tell all biography. Abby needs some money when she gets out, so I don't blame her.

Sources are saying that Abby has been calling her ghost writer with tea about the prison and wants to get the book in stores by the time she's done with her sentence.

Abby is still all about the money!

Apparently she is causing some drama with her fellow inmates. The hallways in lockdown are saying Abby "cries all the time" and that she is annoying her inmates by complaining about everything. One of Abby's main issues is with the "lack of food" sources are saying. HA! Abby had her stomach stapled, so she is going to come out thin as a pin!

I'm also hearing that Little Miss Abby hired a bodyguard to protect her while she's in prison. Mmm, do you think the bodyguard is getting paid? And I'm not talking about money. Catch that shade! You never know, Abby could be gay for the stay?

Would you buy Abby's book? Can you believe that she is acting like a fool in prison? Sound off in the comments below!

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