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Did Danielle Staub Have Sex In The Toilet at Teresa's Restaurant Opening?

Danielle Staub

Tea Drinkers, this is some juicy gossip coming straight out of Jersey!

Word on the street is that returning housewife Danielle Staub had sex in the toilet with her fiancé while she was at the opening of Teresa and Melissa's new restaurant. What makes this story even juicer is that she was mic-d and it was all captured on film! Teresa was also in the next toilet and heard the whole thing, talk about thin walls!

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Sources close to production are saying that Dolores Catania was furious when she found out what Danielle had done and called her a "pig" because there were children around! I am so ready for this Dolores vs Danielle feud to happen.

Oh! My! God! If this TEA is true then we are not worthy of how epic this upcoming season of Jersey Housewives will be! Think of all the wonders that didn't even make it into the 2 minute super tease!

Don't you guys remember when Teresa flipped the table and she said something about Danielle having sex with her kids in the room? Do I see a pattern here? Danielle Staub knows how to bring the drama and it looks like she is going to make the eighth season, one to remember!

Do you think that having sex in the toilet at a family event is acceptable? Are you excited for the Jersey drama? Sound off in the comments below!

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