Mel B Is Being Accused of Drug and Alcohol Addiction!

Mel B

Good Morning Tea Drinkers! I hope you are all having a good day because I doubt Mel B will be having one, after all this tea has been spilled!

The former Spice Girl and her ex Stephen Belafonte have been going through a nasty divorce and now alleged secrets from the singers past are emerging in leaked court documents.

Word on the street is that Mel B has agreed to weekly drug tests after being accused of being addicted to alcohol and cocaine, by her estranged husband. This story gets even messier, because Mel B's medical associate texted Belafonte telling him that Mel is on Vivitrol and Antabuse to help treat her addiction. Why is her confidential doctor texting the man that is trying to destroy her?

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In the same text exchange, Mel's ex had implied that she is a bad mother for firing her children's nanny - the same nanny that has publicly spoken out, saying that she had an affair with Stephen. Shady boots! Belafonte has also been accused of verbal and physical abuse against Mel. I think we can all tell that Stephen is up to some dirty tricks!

This divorce is getting messy! I am 100% #TeamMel and I think that Stephen is leaking these documents and text messages to try and make Mel look like the bad one in this divorce! Karma is a bitch and she knows where you live Stephen!

Do you think that Mel B is addicted to cocaine and alcohol OR do you think that Stephen is trying to make her look bad? Sound off in the comments below!