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Kim Kardashian and Caitlyn Jenner Haven't Spoken in 9 Months! Get the TEA On Their Feud!

I have some intense tea on the latest Kardashian family feud!

On Monday, fame-whore Caitlyn Jenner sounded off on her beef with Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner. The 67 year-old spilled the tea to Good Morning Britain.

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You might remember that Caitlyn slammed Kris in her autobiography The Secrets of My Life. She said that Kris knew about her gender issues and that she was spending all of their money - just to name a few things!

Well Caitlyn spilled the tea that she has not spoken to Kris since the book was released! She also confessed that she hasn't spoken to Kim in 9 MONTHS! Damn, you could have a baby in the time! Cait said that it is a huge loss not to talk to Kim because she was one of the first family members that she spoke to about her gender issues.

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While the former Olympian is on the outs with the Kardashian side of the family, she said that the Jenner side has been "nothing but supportive." Well Caitlyn I don't think they would be so supportive if you slammed them every opportunity you could!

You can watch the whole interview below to hear what Caitlyn has to say! She starts talking about the Kardashians at the 4.23 mark!

Do you think that Kim and Kris should have a relationship with Cait, or has she gone way too far? Sound off in the comments below!

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