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Shade of the Week: Amal Clooney

George & Amal Clooney

Unpopular opinion but I cannot stand Amal Clooney!

I think she's a pretentious old lady that is extremely fake. She just pumped those two twins out and gave them right on over to the nanny because she could not care less about those babies.

Amal may hide it with her fake smile but I can tell that she is obsessed with her public image and wants everyone to think she is a beautiful humanitarian. Fuck that! And what's up with the gloves? I mean does she have allergies? Is she a germaphobe? Someone please explain those gloves to me!

I also do not see her and George lasting. I give these two about 2 years before George trades her in for a younger model and just owes her child support. In case you're wondering, I looked into the depths of the internet to try to find a good picture of Amal alone and it doesn't exist. This fame whore is only photographed with George. Shady boots if you ask me!

I am beyond over seeing hearing about these two! Proceed with caution Amal!

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