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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Have Gone Public!

Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx

Tom Cruise is definitely not going to be happy this.

Hollywood's worst kept secret has finally been confirmed - sort of. For over FOUR years Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have denied any dating rumours but the speculation kept on coming!

Earlier this week the two actors were spotted together on a beach in Malibu, California. This is one of the oddest pairings but I think they look so cute together! One of the only other times these two were seen together was at a Hamptons Gala back in 2013.

In spring, Katie and Jamie spent time together in Paris while Jamie filmed his new movie, just blocks away from where Katie's ex Tom Cruise was working on his latest Mission Impossible movie!

Sources are saying that “she is head over heels for him, but they don’t want to fuel any of the rumors, so Jamie has been avoiding attending parties she’s been going to.”

Wow, these two have really tried to keep their relationship on the down low, are they hiding it from Tom Cruise? That scientologist needs to leave Katie alone and let her live her life!

Are you happy to see these two finally go public with their relationship? Do you think that Tom is jealous? Sound off in the comments below!

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