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Dream Kardashian Could Be Taken Away From Rob & Chyna!

Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna

Kris Jenner is not going to let this happen!

Word on the LA streets is that the Department of Children and Family Services are taking Rob and Chyna to court to investigate if they are good parents to their baby Dream.

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Due to Rob posting Chyna's revenge porn, accusing her of doing drugs and Chyna accusing Rob of domestic violence, the DCFS is apparently concerned for baby Dream's wellbeing. The mess! I can't believe it has gone this far that Dream might be taken away. Rob and Chyna need to settle the fuck down!

It is so obvious that Rob doesn't hit Chyna. He is so depressed and desperate to be loved, that he would never hit her. If anything, Chyna probably beats Rob. I also don't believe the drug rumours. Yes Chyna used to be a stripper and her mother has obviously been about that life, but I can't picture Chyna getting high with her babies around.

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Kris Jenner needs to sit Rob down and tell him to stay off social media, for the sake of his newborn baby. Chyna's mom Tokyo Toni also needs to tell her that this behaviour is not okay, but something tells me that Toni is behind all of this messiness!

The case goes to court on September 18 and I really hope that the judge doesn't take Dream away, or she at least keeps her in the family. The court could even give the baby to Khloe and let Rob and Chyna have visits. Now that's an idea!

We will keep you updated on this mess!

Do you believe any of the allegations? Who do you think is to blame? Sound off in the comments below!

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