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Kate Middleton Had To Beg Prince William For A Third Baby!

Prince William & Kate Middleton

This is some juicy royal tea!

The word on the palace halls is that Kate had to beg William to have another baby with her. To be honest, if I was Kate I would have just "accidentally" gone off the pill and then said SURPRISE when I found out I was pregnant! That's how my messy brain works!

Sources are saying that Kate wanted to have another baby because she comes from a family of three children, but Will wanted to stop at two kids because George was 'such a handful.'

Apparently William is a hands on dad and didn't want to deal with the drama of a third baby. Obviously Will finally gave in! Or maybe Kate went along with my plan! HAHA!

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Kate's uncle Gary also joked on social media that he doubts the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will stop at baby number 3, I hope that's true because I can't wait for some more royal offspring!

The Duchess is also still suffering from her severe form of morning sickness and couldn't take little George to his first day of school, aw! I hope Kate gets better!

What do you think of William not wanting a third baby? Are you excited to see their new baby? Sound off in the comments below!

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