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RHOC Recap: The Thirst Is Real

The Real Housewives of Orange County | Season 12, Episode 10

This episode gave me vintage OC vibes, and not just because there was a bunch of past housewives returning in an attempt to grab their orange back.

Meghan and Lydia went on a walk to discuss last weeks drag king drama. Meghan was complaining about Kelly but Lydia stopped her by saying that she actually agreed with Kelly. Of course this tipped Meghan right over the edge! Here's some advice Messy King Edmonds: not everybody is going to agree with you, deal with it! And since when were Lydia and Meghan even friends? Meghan attacked Kelly's marriage and Kelly attacked back. It is the same thing. She keeps saying that Kelly attacked her when she was 7 months pregnant. Well why was Meghan getting involved in Kelly's business when she was pregnant? Meghan is all hyped up on hormones and cries at all times - this isn't what I want to watch. Someone needs to make a rule that Housewives can't have kids younger than 5 because it is not fun to watch. Messy needs to go! Lydia also needs to hand her orange back. She is always "surprised" when there is drama. You are on The Real Housewives of Orange County I would be surprised if their wasn't drama!

Peggy also performed her weekly routine of not understanding normal phrases that her husband uses. This woman has lived in America since she was one year old and has an english degree - so I have no idea how she has never heard these phrases used before. She has also been married to her husband for 22 years so wouldn't she of heard HIM use these phrases before. She needs to stop acting on reality TV. She isn't funny, she isn't cute. We can all see through her bullshit!

My favourite part of the episode was Tamra's awkward phone call with Vicki. Tamra's in her kitchen making a cheesecake and Vicki calls her on an unknown ID. Does Tamra not have Vicki's number? She did block her? Did Vicki get a new phone? I need to know these things. Vicki asked her to have coffee and I could tell that deep, deep down Tamra wants to be Vicki's friend again. These two girls are the reason the show has been so successful. They have given us some of the best scenes in Housewives History and their rollercoaster friendship is a main storyline every single season. Vicki awkwardly joked that Tamra can't cook and it reminded me of the magic these two used to have. I want them to be besties again except Vicki completely flushed that down the toilet by the end of the episode!

How is it that in each Housewives city they all manage to have birthdays around the same time? In New York, Bethenny and Ramona have birthdays in November, in Beverly Hills, Erika, Rinna and Dorit all have birthdays in June and in the OC arch enemies Vicki and Shannon have birthdays in March. Watching both these girls celebrate their birthdays was uncomfortable in different ways.

Shannon talked to David (on her birthday) about his disconnection in their marriage. I just want to give Shannon a massive hug and let her know how much she is worth. Unpopular opinion but I think that The Beadors should get a divorce. I love Shannon and I want the best for her. Neither David or Shannon are happy at the moment so they should just call it quits, they both deserve happiness and I don't think they are going to find it with each other. Seeing Shannon cry about her marriage and say they are in the same place they were in before the affair, really broke my heart.

Vicki's birthday party was hard to watch. Ryan bought her a gun and she pretended to be scared, but isn't this the woman who voted for Trump? Guns aside, the party had a weird vibe and not just because The Ghosts of Housewives Past had returned. Jeana, Gretchen and Lizzie all made their very minor comebacks to the OC, but the only one that had any impact was Gretchen. There was no background music, no one really looked like they were having fun and Vicki's dress was terrible. Lydia told Peggy that she ditched Shannon's party to go to Vicki's which wasn't cool. Lydia RSVPd a month ago and bailed on the last minute. Something tells me Shannon won't be happy.

The highlight of this odd party was the badly rehearsed scene at the end. Vicki, Kelly, Gretchen and Lizzie sat down and started talking about those "Gay Eddie" rumours. I've never believed the rumours because wouldn't the public know by now? If they were true, Eddie's grindr profile would have been exposed by now, I mean if they managed to find proof that Brook's faked cancer, they would be able to find proof that Eddie liked dick. He's obviously not gay.

Kelly brought up that Lizzie was the one that told her about the rumours and Lizzie said that Tamra had heard the rumours as well. Then Gretchen asked Tamra's ex gay best friend if Eddie is gay and he "confessed" that he saw Eddie making out with another man. It was so obvious that Vicki set up the whole operation. It was so clear that she invited her minions along to try to clear her name when it came to the Eddie rumours. If Vicki REALLY wanted to get her friendship with Tamra back she would have shut it down right there and sent everyone home. The worst part was that Vicki and Tamra were finally on their way back to some kind of friendship but after Vicki's messiness I don't think Tamra could ever let herself be Vicki's friend again.

After a slow start, the mid season trailer gave us a much needed dose of drama. In the upcoming episodes Tamra and Shannon finally have some kind of contact with Vicki, Peggy pisses most of the girls off, the ladies fly over to Iceland and SO much more!

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Stay tuned at Good Tea for our shady recaps and exclusive tea on the first ladies of Bravo!

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