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Shade of the Week: Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart

Mmm, Kevin Hart has not been a good boy!

Word on the street is that Kevin Hart cheated on his pregnant wife with a young girl. The girl also recorded them having sex and tried to extort Kevin out of $10 million! That is a smart girl though. If I had a Kevin Hart sex tape lying around I would definitely be trying to make some money.

I am so disappointed in Kevin. He is supposed to America's resident black funny man and now he is screwing anything that will move. Yes, this isn't the first time Mr Hart has been spotted with his damn pants down. Back in July Kevin was also fooling around with another girl.

I think that Kevin's mama or someone needs to come around and give his ass a talking to! He is a grown ass man and can't be behaving like this. BTW Kevin, if you're going to cheat - at least do it smart and don't have no videos popping up!

Unpopular opinion: I don't think the wife should leave. She has a baby on the way and she is going to need all the help and money she can get. I am sure she is getting millions from the prenup so she only has to hold on for a few more years!

Kevin Hart is a funny man but if he keeps up his cheating ways I don't think I will be buying any more tickets to see his movies! Proceed with caution little man!

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