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Wendy Williams Husband Is Leading A Shady Double Life

Wendy Williams

This is some juicy scoop!

Word on the street is that talk show host Wendy Willams' husband, Kevin Hunter has been leading a shady double life of the last ten years! The streets are saying that Kevin has been having an affair with Sharina Hudson, a 32-year-old massage therapist. Mmm. This is shady!

Sources are saying that Kevin moved Sharina into a $765,000 house only miles away from the New Jersey mansion that he shares with Wendy. Apparently Kevin and Sharina eat at restaurants, go to the gym together and they are just like a normal couple. Sharina was even seen with a diamond ring on her ring finger! Ouch!

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Kevin allegedly splits his time between his new girlfriend and his wife. It's unclear how aware Wendy is about her husband's double life but she is set to address the tea on her talk show on Tuesday!

This isn't the first time the streets have talked about Wendy and her man. Wendy admitted that Kevin cheated on her back in 2001, after the birth of their son. For years there have been rumours going around that Kevin beats Wendy and verbally abuses her on the set of her famous talk show.

You all know how much I love Wendy so I just hope that if these rumours are true, that she kicks Kevin out and shades his black ass on her show! Also if these two breakup it looks like Kevin could be without a job because he's Wendy's manager.

Do you think the rumours are true? Sound off in the comments below!

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