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RHOC Recap: Peanut Gallery

The Real Housewives of Orange County | Season 12, Episode 12

I think we can all agree that Peggy is not getting a second season. After this exhausting season you can already tell Bravo won't ask her back, the women obviously don't want her back and I don't even think that Peggy wants to be back. I can say on behalf of Housewives fans everywhere, that Peggy has got to go!

This episode saw Kelly Dodd launch right into full reconstruction zone, she did get a boob reduction but I think that her public image got the real revamp. Last season did not show Kelly in the best light. She yelled and swore at people, she drank way to much and while it was entertaining and I was on #TeamDodd, I think that this season we are seeing the best side of her personality come out. In a weird way Kelly has kind of become the star of the show. She is getting along with everyone, she has somehow managed to become the voice of reason but she still has the humour and the zero fucks attitude from her debut season that we all remember her to have. I am LOVING Kelly!

After her operation it was as if all the ladies came to Kelly's death bed. Vicki and Shannon (separately, of course) came to Kelly and gave her flowers. It gave me super funeral vibes. Vicki told her she was beautiful and then completely took it back in her confessionals. For the record I think that Kelly looked amazing considering she had just gotten out of surgery and she wasn't wearing any makeup. I'm also kinda obsessed with this Kelly/ Shannon friendship, I mean in an odd way it kinda works! I want to see Vicki, Tamra, Shannon and Kelly all getting along and being BFF's and I know there wouldn't be any drama but I feel like seeing those four woop it up would be so entertaining!

Shannon Beador was also working out on her new spin bike and was proving that the struggle is very, very real. She also couldn't get out of the bike because her feet were locked into it and I just wanna say that I can very much relate to that on a personal level.

Messy King Edmonds also came (unannounced) to Kelly's bedside. Kelly offered to flash her new boobs but her mom Bobbi told her to put them away. To be honest, I know they would of been blurred but I kinda wanted to see Kelly's new puppies. They looked tight and right with her bra anyway! Messy and Kelly made up and agreed that they want to be friends but from my twitter feed and their Bravo blogs I think it is safe to say that they will be facing off at the reunion (which films in late October.)

Peggy and her family were also in a scene. They were making some food and yes - it was Armenian. I tend to fall asleep whenever Peggy and her family are on my screen so I don't really know or care what they talked about.

Lydia was also in this episode, I think? She talked about Doug getting his "balls chopped off" for the 5600 time. Is she 5? Like really. Doug is having a procedure so that his sperm can no longer find it's way to Lydia's eggs. The doctor isn't going in with a butchers knife and take a swing at Doug's genitals, so Lydia really needs to stop chuckling like a little girl while she says "Doug's getting his balls chopped off." Ugh. In honour of the departure of Doug's semen, they decided to have a Balls Voyage Party. Didn't Kelly already do this with her tits? Lydia called Vicki to invite her to the party but she was in the process of literally dying so she couldn't go.

Lydia called Tamra to invite her when she realised that Shannon had put together a dinner and invited literally the whole group except Lydia (and Vicki obviously.) Lydia was pissed and cried to her 5 year-old about it, but Shannon and Lydia don't really like each other so I don't get the big deal. At the dinner that Lydia didn't get invited to Tamra, Shannon, Kelly and Meghan kind of became this mean girl A-Team. I was getting Regina George vibes and I loved it. The ladies questioned Peggy on her cancer, which didn't really make sense. She didn't have the BRCA gene but she had 3 millimetres of something but it wasn't cancer? I don't know and I don't care. I have no room for another fake cancer scandal in my life. The casting producers for RHOC should advertise that if you have cancer or a family history of cancer that you shouldn't apply to be on this show because their will be an investigation.

After cancer gate 2.0 the girls talked about last weeks drama and how Peggy got involved. Kelly came for Peggy but it is so hard to come for someone who doesn't understand the english language - even though she majored and has a degree in it. Kelly told her she was being the peanut gallery and of course Peggy didn't understand this common phrase. Watching this woman each week hurts my brain and she makes the other women obviously feel uncomfortable. She says really savage and intense things and then smiles and makes everyone sit their confused. After the Queen of Armenia went to the toilet the other ladies launched into a full discussion over her "fake cancer" and changed the subject really quickly before she came back. I live for a mean girl moment like this!

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