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Wendy Williams Threatened Her Husband To Stop Seeing His Mistress!

Kevin Hunter & Wendy Williams

This is a very hot topic!

As we reported earlier this week, Wendy Williams' man Kevin Hunter has been having an affair with his massage therapist for several months now! Well it looks like Wendy is finally taking action.

On Tuesday Wendy addressed the claims on her talk show. The diva said that the rumours were false and that she would be standing by her husband. However the streets are saying a different story.

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Word on the street is that Wendy threatened her husband to stop seeing his new mistress or else their marriage is over! Now that, is the Wendy I know!

Sources close to the Wendy are saying that:

'Wendy does not want to be hurt or publicly humiliated by her man ever again so he can’t put himself in situations that look bad. Wendy also wants him to cut all ties with Sharina. She doesn’t want to ever hear about him being with her again. No meetings, lunches, texts or calls. Period.’

YAS WENDY! Come through! I just want Wendy to kick his cheating ass to the side because I have heard the streets talking for years about Kevin, and it isn't good - but I think I'll spill that tea for another day!

Do you think Wendy should stay by her man or toss his cheating ass to the side? Sound off in the comments below!

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