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Justin Bieber Isn't Welcome In Beverly Hills

Justin Bieber

I looks the Justin Bieber won't be a resident in the 90210 any time soon

Word on the street is that Bieber has offered to rent a home in Beverly Hills for $100,000 a month, but the homeowners don't want Justin in their community because of his bad reputation for having wild parties and trashing houses.

You might remember Justin's messy egg situation, where he had to pay his Calabasas neighbour $80,000 for egging his house! A year later he trashed his rental home in 2015 at a Grammy party with Chris Brown, Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj, French Montana and more celebs in attendance.

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Due to Justin being excluded by the Beverly Hills residents, he has been staying in the Beverly Hills Hotel for a while now. Sources are saying that he walks around with his baggy pants and tattoos which leaves the Beverly Hills rich bitches "shocked."

Honestly if I was Bieber, I would just be living it up in the hotel because you have room service, maids and don't have to worry about any nosy neighbours!

Do you think Justin should be able to rent? Sound off in the comments below!

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