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Shade of the Week: Katy Perry

Don't get me wrong I like Katy Perry but I think American Idol is making a massive mistake by paying her $25 million.

Katy Perry is not worth $25m and let me tell you why. Katy isn't going to be the funny judge, she isn't going to be the mean judge, she is going to be the fake judge that hugs the crying contestants and compliments everyone even when she doesn't mean it. No body wants to watch that judge.

I mean Katy is getting $10million more than the host Ryan Seacrest! DAMN! I am also not into her new look. She isn't edgy enough to pull it off and its just gross. I miss when she used to play around with her blue wigs and suck on lollipops, because now she is just trying WAY too hard.

For $25million Katy better step up her game and really deliver as a judge on Idol because if she doesn't I can guarantee that ABC won't be asking her back for a second year! Proceed with caution!

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