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Is Kris Jenner Cheating On Corey Gamble With A Nigerian Billionaire?

Corey Gamble & Kris Jenner

Tea Drinkers, I have some good Kardashian scoop!

Word on the street is that Kris Jenner and her boy toy Corey Gamble's relationship has completely started to fall apart. Sources close to the Kardashian Klan have claimed that:

"They have nothing more than a relationship based on business and sex but the romance and feelings are definitely not there anymore."

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Due to the couples disconnect, the streets are saying that Kris has started dating a Nigerian billionaire. Damn, did she steal Porsha Williams' man? Sources are saying his name is Christopher Cunningham and him and Kris have met a couple of times in the past year. The source claimed that:

"Kris wishes she was with him and has been trying her hardest to wrangle him in, but the distance between them makes their relationship virtually impossible."

Kris always has been attracted to a man with money and we all know that she has been Corey's glorified sugar mama. The streets are saying that Kris and Corey are still officially together but if she had Christopher, she would drop Corey in a second.

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Apparently she is fed up with providing Corey with money and wants to be spoiled, and she believes that Christopher could do that. I think Corey should get ready to fight for his woman because as soon as Kris leaves, so does the money! The mess!

What are your thoughts on this mess? Sound off in the comments below!

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