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Tom Cruise Chose Scientology Over His Daughter Suri

Tom Cruise

Tea Drinkers come in close, because I have some juicy scoop on Tom Cruise. I know that is isn't 2006 and no one cares about him anymore but I think someone needs to draw attention to him being a dead beat dad.

Word on the street is that Katie Holmes has tried repeatedly to try and make contact with Tom for the sake of their daughter Suri. Sources say Tom hasn't talked to his 11-year-old daughter in over 4 years.

The gossip magazines are saying that Tom's "religion" Scientology, is the reason that he hasn't had any contact with his daughter or Katie. Tom chose Scientology over a relationship with his daughter, because it is a rule that you cannot speak to an ex-Scientology member once they leave.

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After Tom and Katie got divorced back in 2012, Katie left the church and started speaking out that she feared intimidation by the Church of Scientology. Aside from her drama with Tom, Katie has fallen in love and is rumoured to be dating Jamie Foxx. Sources are saying he is a terrific father figure for Suri, because Tom isn't around.

I'm probably going to land on some Scientology watch list and be followed Leah Remini style for writing this but I don't give a fuck. Tom needs to grow up and choose his daughter over a fake cult.

Do you think it's right that he chose Scientology over his daughter? Sound off in the comments below!

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