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Brad Pitt Wants To Get Divorced From Angelina Jolie ASAP!

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt cannot wait for this divorce from Angelina Jolie to be finalised!

Word on the street is the Brad is pushing his lawyers to speed up the divorce from his ex Ang. Sources are saying that after the couple reconciled in the summer and broke up again, Brad has been on a mission to get the divorce finalised.

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Sources told In Touch:

““He is planning on asking his lawyer to speed up the divorce. Restoring his status to a single person is not about Brad going out on the town and dating, but about his beginning a new chapter.”

This piping hot tea comes after Brad was rumoured to have reconnected with Jennifer Aniston. Their relationship is strictly platonic, Jen has way too much respect for her new husband Justin Theroux to fool around with Brad. Sources say that Jen can never look at Brad the same way after he cheated on her.

Angelina has also started a new chapter of her life and is focusing on her children and yoga. One of close friends spilled the tea that:

“Angelina’s mind is so not on romance or sex these days, she is celibate, and she is embracing it. She has been reading a lot about how to transform sexual energy into creative power. She started practicing yoga, which she used to hate but in the past year it is really helped calm her mind.”

Angelina's celibate? She really must of changed her ways!

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Brad and Ang broke up over a year ago, so it is about time that their divorce became official. I just hope that Brad leaves Jen alone because she is finally happy after he screwed her over years ago.

How do you feel about the end of Brangelina? Sound off in the comments below!

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