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RHOC Recap: Armenian Anniversary

The Real Housewives of Orange County | Season 12, Episode 14

I honestly want back the hour of my life that I wasted on tonights episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Honestly I would rather have sex with Simon Van Kempen than watch Peggy and Diko's awkward anniversary party. Okay, I wouldn't go that far but you know what I mean.

OC has delivered for 7 seasons in a row but the show has become so toxic and dark that they are just stuck in an inevitable rut. There has to be a shakeup at the seasons end because I have no idea how they can continue. Season 13 should be Vicki, Tamra, Kelly, Gretchen, a new girl and Shannon - if she's lucky. Meghan, Lydia and Peggy are all redundant.

Tonight's episode opened with Tamra and Vicki's awkward sit-down. Bravo cut out the taglines and all the background music which gave it a very serious vibe. They showed flashbacks of their old friendship which gave me all the vintage Housewives vibes. I miss these two as friends. Tamra sat down and Vicki said they should stop hurting each other which sent Tamra right on the defence. The communication was off and nothing got resolved. Vicki and Tamra's friendship has been a main plot point in the show for the last decade but I think it has finally hit the end of the road. After seeing how boring this season has been I think they will make up next season but it wouldn't be real like it used to be.

Kelly's dad came into town which explained a lot. Kelly obviously gets her humour from her dad but she is so much like her mom as well. Let me just say - I love a Housewives mom and Bobbi is no exception. She's funny, wacky and not too overly produced. She just is who she is. Kelly's dad must of been gossiping about Bobbi's family because they had some kind of unresolved beef there. Kelly spilled the tea that they had a horrible marriage and that she hated when they would fight when she was a kid. It foreshadowed Kelly's divorce from Michael that we reported a few weeks ago. Life is short and if Kelly and Michael aren't happy then they should just hang the towel up and call it a day. I am so excited to see Kelly have a hot new boyfriend on the next season!

Speaking of Housewives mothers, Judy popped up on this episode! Lydia's pot smoking mom has got to be one of my top 5 Housewives mothers, I mean I like her more than I like Lydia. Judy and Lydia went to some rich boutique and bragged about how they had just come into a large amount of money. I think Lydia should of kept to being a one season wonder because her return hasn't done her any favours. However I love seeing Judy, I mean the woman thought was a tree - you can't beat that! All up the girls spent close to $2000 and then went onto the next store. I want to go shopping with Judy!

Finally we got to Peggy and Diko's painful anniversary. Going into it I thought it was going to be uneventful - and I was right! It was half an hour of my life that is gone forever! The couple were celebrating their 22nd anniversary at (surprise) an Armenian restaurant with their closest friends - and the OC housewives. Tamra, Shannon and Kelly all rocked up in identical dresses but Tamra only got hers for $50. The girls all struggled to light up the hookah so Diko went and assisted them. Just to be clear, the girls weren't smoking weed. I wish they were because maybe Vicki and Tamra could be friends again!

Oh I forgot, Meghan was in the episode! Tamra, Shannon and Meghan all managed to get Kelly to join their table and exclude Vicki so she was left to play with Peggy's son. Seeing Vicki talk to Peggy's son was literally the most uncomfortable thing I've ever seen. I flashbacked to when Ramona had dinner with all of Avery's friends - creepy! Nothing was happening so Peggy and Diko did their speech and gave each other presents, well Diko gave her presents. He bought matching watches for $80,000 and a 22 carat necklace for $150,000. WOAH! 22 years isn't even a milestone so I guess these guys must be some of the wealthiest on the show or just want us to think that. Couldn't they have exchanged the gifts at home?

After the gift giving portion of the night was over, Diko asked Shannon about David's comments about Peggy's "cancer." Ugh. Diko should have just talked to David at the vasectomy party. I am so over this Brooks 2.0 storyline and I don't think Diko realises that Shannon will think about this for 2 weeks and gain 4 pounds. Shannon really does not need the stress of another cancer investigation.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Monday at 9/8c on Bravo! Stay tuned at Good Tea for our shady recaps and exclusive tea of the first ladies of Bravo.

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