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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Are Moving In Together!

Alex Rodriguez & Jennifer Lopez

It looks like this power couple is taking the next step in their hot new relationship!

Word on the street is that Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are apartment hunting on Park Avenue in New York. Damn, she really isn't Jenny from the Block anymore!

Sources are saying that the couple wants to buy a new home together big enough for all their children, so Jen put her $27 million penthouse in Manhattan on the market. You can check out her gorgeous apartment below, it is some good house porn!

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A-Rod and J.Lo have been dating since March but apparently it is true love and they don't want to waste anytime. Alex has 2 kids from a previous and Jen has 2 kids from her ex Marc Anthony.

These two are so cute and I love that they both have celeb nicknames to go together! Do you think they should be moving in together, or is it too soon? Sound off in the comments below and remember to check out the house porn below!

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