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Meghan Markle Is Quitting Suits to Become A Full Time Princess!

Meghan Markle

Siggy Flicker's motto is know you worth. Well it looks like Meghan Markle needs to go down to her nearest bookstore and buy herself a copy of "Writing Your Own Fairytale" because she obviously does not know what she is worth.

Word on the street is that Meghan has told the producers over at Suits, that she won't be returning for the eighth season of the show. Sources are saying that Meghan can't handle being an actress and a princess at the same time and that she is planning on dedicating her life to Royal engagements.

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We've previously reported that Meghan and Prince Harry are set to announce their engagement toward the end of the year, right before Kate's third baby is due. It looks like Harry and Meghan want to have a traditional Royal marriage by Meghan dropping her career to be a full time Princess.

On one hand I think that Meghan is stupidly giving up her career for a man, but on the other hand I think that Meghan is giving up her career for a chance to sit in a throne and get a chunk of money from their potential divorce settlement. In any scenario, Meghan can't lose.

Do you think Meghan should of quit her job? Sound off in the comments below!

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