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Brad Pitt Reconnected with Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie Is Pissed!

Tea Drinkers sit back because the soap opera that is Brangelina, is continuing to unfold and it seems Angelina Jolie is not a happy camper.

Word on the street is that Ang is pissed that her ex Brad Pitt has reconnected with his ex wife Jennifer Aniston. You remember, the girl he cheated on?

Sources are saying that since Brad's breakdown last year he has had a stint in rehab and is on a path to fix all his mistakes. Apparently Brad has reached out to all the people he has hurt over the years and one person was Jennifer.

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A source close to Brad spilled the tea that:

"He apologized for being an absentee husband in the marriage — being stoned and bored much of the time. He also made amends for being an avoider, getting lost and in a serious drinking-and-getting-high phase when he fell for Angelina while making Mr. & Mrs. Smith.”

Brad doesn't have any intentions to destroy another one of Jen's marriages and he is totally respectful of her relationship with Justin Theroux.

After Ang found out about their reconnection she was pissed. Angelina has always had a competition with Jen and she gets frustrated that she got depicted as the other woman all those years ago. Well Angelina you were the other woman. Take several seats.

Sources are saying that Ang asked Brad to stop talking to Jen and he completely ignored her. As we reported last week, Brad wants his divorce finalised ASAP.

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Angelina has no place to say who Brad can and cannot be friends with. She was the one that had an affair with Jen's husband so she needs to mind her business and go adopt another kid. Ugh, the mess of it all!

Do you think Angelina has a right to be mad at Brad for having a friendship with Jen? Sound off in the comments below!

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