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Mark Salling Tried To Commit Suicide Before He Pleaded Guilty

It looks like Mark Salling's life couldn't be getting any worse.

Word on the street is that the disgraced Glee star tried to take his own life. Mark is facing 7 years in prison for child pornography charges.

TMZ is reporting that Mark tried to cut his wrists at his home over a month ago. Apparently Mark freaked out when he saw himself bleeding and called 911. After the paramedics came to Mark's home they took him to the local hospital and he was given a psychiatric evaluation.

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The streets are claiming that the actor was taken to rehab days after the incident. This suicide attempt was only a month before he plead guilty to his child porn charges. I want to feel sorry for him but he had thousands of disgusting photos on his computer.

People have noticed that Mark has been wearing long sleeves on very hot days in LA. Mmm, maybe to cover up some cut marks? His attorney made a statement claiming that Mark is "physically fine."

Do you think Mark really tried to kill himself? Sound off in the comments below!

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