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Tokyo Toni Is Suing Wendy Williams For $1 Million

The lawsuit of it all!

These Kardashian family lawsuits are not dying down. Now Blac Chyna's mamma Tokyo Toni is even getting involved.

Word on the street is that Tokyo Toni is suing Wendy Williams for $1 million! The former stripper is suing the talk show host for defamation, slander and harassment. Toni is claiming that she has been depressed and her blood pressure has gone up as a result of Wendy talking trash about her.

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The mess doesn't stop there. Blac Chyna's mom is claiming that she has been so affected by Wendy that she can't eat or sleep and it has heavily affected her work as an Uber and Lyft driver, so she is seeking $1 million in damages!

That isn't even the messiest part! Tokyo Toni hand wrote the lawsuit and is representing herself in court. In the documents Toni wrote:

"I have never been so humiliated and shamed in my entire life. I am a humanitarian!!!"

I AM DEAD! Toni, why are you letting Wendy Williams run your life, I mean how does her talking trash on a show affect your Uber business? Tokyo Toni is reaching so badly. She needs a pay check and obviously the stripper pole doesn't pay like it used to so she has to come for Miss Wendy.

Also, since when was Toni a humanitarian? I don't see her helping AIDS babies in Africa, or saving Hurricane survivors. Take several seats!

I LOVE this story and I will keep you updated on every detail!

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