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Tom Cruise Believes That His Scientologist Touch Can Heal The Sick

It seems like it has become a weekly tradition to write about Tom Cruise. In my opinion, I didn't think Tom had been relevant since 2005 but it looks like being a dead beat dad to Suri and a Scientologist has kept his ass in the media!

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Word on the street is that Tom Cruise now believes that he can heal people with the touch of his own hands. Sources are reporting that Tom has reached Thetan IV in the Church of Scientology. Apparently this is a very highly ranking level that many individuals in the "church" never reach.

At Thetan IV, the actor allegedly believes that he can heal colds, broken arms and legs, sore throats and more injuries and illnesses. Apparently Tom only can use one finger and has to tell the injured person to "feel my finger." Are you sure he's not saying "pull my finger." THE MESS!

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Multiple sources are reporting that Tom has begun helping "heal" people in the church. If he really believes this then Mr. Cruise needs to be tied up in a straight jacket and sent to get his brain checked.

Maybe if Tom put all his energy into his daughter Suri and not Scientology, he wouldn't be in the magazines every week! Proceed with caution!

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