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RHOD Season 2 Reunion Fashion Roundup!

The Real Housewives of Dallas | Season 2 Reunion

Hello my fellow Tea Drinkers! Are you ready for the second instalment of our Real Housewives Reunion Fashion Roundup. The ladies this season all had a distinct theme which I appreciate. Some of the ladies slayed in their bedazzled gowns while others were truly fashion catastrophes. I think the set is a little too dark and Bravo should of picked couches that would've made the women pop because I'm not loving the green. This set looks like a replica of a Married To Medicine reunion from a few years back. With the setting aside, these Texan women know how to work a look. So everyone get your popcorn because I am spilling all the honey flavoured piping hot tea on this years Dallas reunion! Sit back and enjoy the shady reads and fashion tips on these lone star ladies.

6. D'Andra Simmons

NO! You guys know how much I love D'Andra but I'm not loving this look. This jumpsuit has no life to it and I'm not sure what is going on with the whole pant situation. Does it need to be ironed? Oh D'Andra. However she does gain some points by following the glitter theme and I love her side pony. D'Andra's cute face helps save the outfit but I feel like that meme of Erica from Love and Hip Hop reacting to Mimi's sex tape! I want to come for whoever designed this because I know that D'Andra can do a hell of a lot better - I've seen her closet!

5. Brandi Redmond

To be honest her face is cute but this dress does not compliment her figure. It makes her muscly and chubby all at the same time. This dress literally looks like a cheap Great Gatsby Halloween outfit and that is not a good thing! I feel like she’s going for a young look but it’s just not working and this isn't something that you wear to a Housewives reunion. I do like her red locks and her makeup looks good, I love her with a darker eyebrow but I am not sold on the dress! Sorry boo!

4. Kameron Westcott

Oh no. Maybe Ms. Kameron's should stick to her pink dog food. I just feel this is very boring and oddly put together, she could’ve worn a cute pink dress that showed more leg, maybe a bit of titty? You know, show the goods. This is very dinner date - not reunion. If I were her I would've come decked out in all pink and had diamonds everywhere - looking fine as wine, baby. However I do appreciate that she tried to incorporate her signature pink into her look and I do love that snatched pony! Get that coin and shine shine shine honey. No tea, no shade, no PINK lemonade! I know Kameron can do better and there's always next year!

3. LeeAnne Locken

LeeAnne Locken is a Texan girl through and through. Normally I think Leeanne is beautiful and slays every occasion but I'm not sure about this look. I would love it if her hair was all her signature black colour instead of the lighter extensions and her dress just looks like a snake skin robe draping over her. I am digging her Cleopatra empress vibes and it definitely shows that she is the Queen of RHOD. I don't love the dress but I love the dedication and idea behind this look. However she just has too much potential to be looking like this. I love you diva!

2. Cary Deuber

Cary may not be my favourite Dallas housewife but she knows good fashion, well Mark knows good fashion. He must be getting his tips from the Roundup! Cary looks young and fun in this look and makes the dress sexy without being slutty. This Balmain gown gives us a little leg and shows off her toned figure. Her hair and makeup is on point but I'm not that into the bondage dress. Meh. It's an average look but the holes really aren't my thing.

1. Stephanie Hollman

I really did not think I would being saying that Stephanie Hollman has the best reunion look but it is understated and chic. This dress is elegant and simple but it would of been so much cuter if it wasn't trying to be so extra. I'm not here for the glitter over the shoulder look. Her hair and her makeup looks flawless and the dress is so beautiful, but she loses points for the glitter shoulder. This isn't the most exciting or ground breaking reunion look but it is a look that I can respect.

The Real Housewives of Dallas reunion airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo and you can check out the trailer below! Stay tuned at Good Tea for our shady recaps and exclusive tea on the lone star ladies.