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Selena Gomez Wants To Repair Her Relationship with Justin Bieber!

Selena Gomez is really trying to right her wrongs these days!

Word on the street is that Selena wants to repair her damaged relationship with her ex Justin Bieber. Sources are saying that the singer is only interested in a friendship and doesn't want to restart her romantic relationship with Justin.

Sources are saying after Selena had her kidney operation for her Lupus she has looked at the world a different way. She realised life is way too short for petty drama and she wants to mend her friendships with Justin Bieber and her old friend Demi Lovato. Apparently she wants to get rid of the negative energy in her life and focus on the positive.

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Selena did have amazing relationships with Justin and Demi, so apparently she wants to stay in contact with two people that had such big impacts on her life. On Sunday Justin was spotted at a party that Selena hosted at her house. Don't worry Selena's boyfriend The Weeknd was there to make sure everything was platonic.

Are you shocked that Selena wants to rekindle her friendships with Justin and Demi? Sound off in the comments!

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