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Danielle Staub Felt Betrayed By RHONJ Producers When She Returned To The Show

Fans may have been excited for Danielle Staub's return to The Real Housewives of New Jersey but she was less than impressed with producers when she decided to come back.

Word on the street is that Danielle felt betrayed by the producers of RHONJ when she found out she would only be part time. Staub spilled this tea about finding out she would only be a friend of:

"I was a little upset. I was almost a little bit insulted. But then I realized as I started to film with the ladies that I was with every group cast gathering. I was in every one of those scenes and in private scenes. So I was doing the work and spending the time getting to know everybody. Bravo always knows what they are doing, and so do the producers, and I trust them immensely"

As we reported Danielle was jealous of Margaret Josephs at the beginning of filming because she got the full time spot instead of her. Sources are saying that Danielle really delivers on this season and she is expected to be back full time in season 9.

I prefer Danielle as a "friend of" because we don't have to bother seeing her have a storyline or see her family because she is just there for drama. That's the way it should be with Miss Staub!

Do you think Danielle should of been brought back full time? Sound off in the comments below!

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