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Wendy Williams Is Staying With Her Husband To Protect Her Son

Wendy Williams is known for talking about hot topics on her talk show, but now that her marriage has become a major hot topic itself she is keeping her big lips shut.

Word on the street is that Wendy is keeping her marriage together for the sake of their son Kevin Jr. Sources are saying that Wendy knows how hard a divorce can be on kids and she doesn't want to put her son through it.

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We previously reported that Wendy's husband Kevin Hunter has allegedly been having a 10 year affair with his massage therapist. Something tells me she's been rubbing a lot more than his back.

Sources close to Wendy's show have been saying that she pushes everything under the carpet and isn't ready to confront the idea that her marriage might be over. Apparently tensions are high over at The Wendy Williams Show because she doesn't know how she can trust and is snapping at everyone.

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Wendy's son Kevin is due to start college in the Fall so if she wanted a divorce she won't have to wait long, but something tells like that Wendy will stick by her abusive husband even though he is still dating his girlfriend. Now check that TEA Miss Wendy!

Do you think Wendy should stay with her husband to protect her son, or should she kick his ass to the curb and find new happiness? Sound off in the comments below!

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