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10 Reasons Why The New Season of RHOA Will Be The Best One Yet!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

The Real Housewives of Atlanta are bringing their signature shade back to the Bravo screens! Shady Phae Phae was fired after the explosive season 9 reunion and Andy Cohen's crew had to recruit OG's NeNe and Kim to take the show back to the early days. This year has the best cast yet and is proving that you don't need new people to give life to the highest rated show on Bravo. BLOOP! Check out our 10 reasons why this season of RHOA will be the best one yet!

1. Snatched Wigs and Weaves

These Georgia peaches always know how to deliver a good look. The ladies are bringing their wigs and weaves with them into the new season, and you know they're going to give us life in those confessionals. The new season has plenty of dress up parties where the girls are going all out.

2. The OG's Are Back Together!

For the first time since season 4, we will get to see NeNe, Kim and Sheree all together again. This threesome made Atlanta the ratings powerhouse that it is and they know how to throw that shade better than anyone else.

3. Fallout From Last Year's Dramatic Reunion

Last season Shady Phae Phae got exposed as the mastermind behind the rape rumours involving Kandi and Todd. Phaedra was handed a pink slip however there is still tension between Kandi and Porsha. NeNe is also sticking her nose into the situation and isn't letting Porsha blame her messy tricks last year on Phaedra.

4. Kenya's Marriage Drama

Kenya Moore's secret marriage is set to be a massive topic of contention between the other ladies. Her man Marc Daly has continuously refused to film for the show which has pissed of producers and forced the other ladies to question if her marriage is real. Twirl doesn't back down from a fight so we are in for some good drama.

5. Sheree's Prison Boo The trailer also teased that She by Sheree was taking over Phaedra's job in the group, of dating a felon. Word on the street is that Sheree was dating her prison boo Tyronne before he went to prison in 2012 and she was blindsided that her relationship will be a storyline this season. The streets are saying that Tyronne is a con artist so the girls are just hopping that he don't con her out of Chateau Sheree.

6. Marlo Is Stirring Things Up

Do you think Marlo has come to the realisation that she will never get her hands on a peach. In the new season Marlo has resolved her beef with NeNe and is on a mission to destroy her former BFF Kenya. You can always trust Marlo to bring the mess to a situation. Say what you want but that messy bitch is good TV.

7. Cynthia Has Got A New Man

After Cynthia's divorce from Peter it looks like she finally has a new boo - and he is hot! Even though Cynthia is having fun, it looks like Peter is still thirsty for some camera time and he "wants his wife back." Peter needs to stop reaching for a peach and just continue to make out with his waitresses at Bar One.

8. NeNe and Kim's Legal Battle

Although the former frenemies started out the season on good terms it seems like their relationship always goes south. Kim's daughter Brielle made a video of a bug she found in NeNe's house and the OG fired back by calling the Bierrman family racist and now Kim and her wigs are suing NeNe. This beef has escalated so far and I am dying to see them duke it out on the new season.

9. Kenya and Kim's Ongoing Feud

The Chateau Sheree housewarming party was just a taster of what to expect in Kenya and Kim's made for TV feud. These two peaches were never friends so they have nothing to loose, but it sure is fun seeing them throw petty shade at each other. Kim also tries to physically come for Kenya at NeNe's white party and it looks legendary.

10. Barcelona Brawl

Were you thinking that there couldn't possibly be anymore drama in one season? Well think again because the Georgia Peaches took their shade over to Barcelona and the drama didn't stop. Kenya refused to board the plane and then Porsha was sent home after she nearly got in her 4th physical fight with Marlo. The mess of it all!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta premieres November 5 at 8/9c on Bravo! Check out the epic trailer below to get ready for a drama filled season!