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Jamie Foxx Wants An Open Marriage with Katie Holmes

Jamie Foxx wants to have his cake and eat it too.

Word on the street is that Jamie and his new boo Katie Holmes are looking towards marriage, but they don't totally see eye to eye on the how they think a marriage should work. Sources are saying that Jamie wants an open relationship where as Katie wants something more traditional.

Some sources are even claiming that they want to have children together. I hope Suri doesn't get jealous! The couple have been rumoured to be dating for 5 years but have only become official in the last few months after they were spotted on a romantic beach walk. Aw.

A close source to the couple spilled the tea:

“He’s ducked this issue for years, but finally figured it was the right thing to put Katie out of her misery and tell her where she stands. The fact is, Jamie’s never going to be a one-woman guy, and as much as he digs her, Katie’s not marriage material in his eyes.”

Apparently Katie loves Jamie and is so happy with her life at the moment, so she is contemplating Jamie's suggestion. Katie has taken a step back from the limelight in recent years and is living a more simple life with Jamie. Sources have said that Jamie is an amazing father figure to Suri, in the place of her dead beat dad Tom Cruise.

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These two have been together for 5 years so wouldn't Katie know by now if Jamie was into open relationships? Maybe the thought of only being with one woman for the rest of his life freaked him out.

Do you think Katie should settle for an open relationship? Sound off in the comments!