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RHOC Recap: Total Eclipse Of The Heart

The Real Housewives of Orange County | Season 12, Episode 17

The OG of the OC's "heart attack" was in full swing after Bravo left us on hold with to be continued last week. All the girls were rushing in and out of Vicki's room while the Icelandic paramedics tried to get a proper diagnosis on Vicki's heart problem. Peggy was being super clingy and controlling to try and take care of Vicki which pissed Kelly right off. If there's one thing you don't wanna do, it's telling Kelly Dodd what to do.

While all the ladies were anxiously waiting outside her room, Vicki emerged covered in a bed sheet while they wheeled her through the hotel on a stretcher. What the Michael Jackson is going on? Vicki is the definition of EXTRA! As she was taken to the hospital. the other ladies were starving back at the hotel. Meghan and Kelly went to get some food when Lydia wanted to go the hospital. Kelly established they would go on shifts to the hospital because she needed to eat! Shannon and Tamra joined them for dinner and they gave zero fucks about Vicki's hospital visit. Shannon would of rathered rip her own fingernail off than see her arch enemy in hospital. At this point it was pretty obvious that Vicki's diagnosis was exhaustion and not a heart attack. Lydia was pissed that no one went with her to the hospital but why would 6 girls need to sit around a waiting room while Vicki is getting treated for her munchausen. Sorry Yolanda!

The girls were all eating and drinking while Peggy was up in her room calling Diko who told her to get a taxi to see Vicki. All of a sudden Peggy says she is going to the hospital because Diko told her to and she didn't want to disrespect her husband. Can she hear herself? Diko is back in Orange County selling car wheels to rich people, he doesn't care if you visit Vicki or not. Peggy ended up leaving which was perfect because it let the other girls talk trash about her while they finished their meals. It was pretty clear at this point that Kelly was OVER Peggy bossing her around which only foreshadowed what was to come. Can we just establish that none of these women actually like Peggy.

Over at the hospital Peggy and Lydia were with Vicki when she got the news that her "heart attack" was really elevated blood pressure. Even the Icelandic people could tell how extra Vicki is, so all the hospital drama was for nothing. We also go several flashbacks about how Shannon and Meghan wouldn't see Vicki in the hospital last year. Oh my god! How does Vicki always end up in a hospital when these girls travel.

I've been watching Vicki Gunvalson on TV for 12 seasons and it's pretty obvious how her brain works. I think she thought if she had a life threatening thing happen to her then Tamra would say "life is too short" and put their beef behind her, which kind of worked. Good job Vic! When the girls got back from the hospital Meghan, Kelly, Tamra and Shannon were hammered! They presented Vicki with her long awaited casserole which I hope she was grateful for. I LOVE a casserole flashback! The girls were all drinking and the party continued in Shannon's room. Hours passed and Vicki was still eating her casserole so either it wasn't good or Vicki just doesn't like casserole as much as she says she does.

In Shannon's room they got filmed on an iPhone or something. That isn't a bad thing because these OC girls do their best work on an iPhone, remember Ireland. The drama really unfolded and Tamra and Vicki had their conversation that was YEARS in the making. Keep in mind Tamra was shit faced at this point. The topic went back to the Eddie's rumours and how Tamra hated Brooks. Kelly wouldn't stop interrupting which set Tamra OFF! I haven't seen her yell like that in a long time. However Vicki apologised and Tamra was done. Vicki obviously doesn't think she's done anything wrong but she was elated that she was finally off the hook. They should have got drunk and talked it out months ago! Of course they aren't best friends and Tamra still knows what kind of person is, but they can still woop it up on vacation! This is what we want! But this was not what Shannon wanted. Without Tamra, Shannon has no real allies and she DOES NOT want to forgive Vicki, that is very clear. In real life you would be able to distance yourself from someone like that but in reality TV world your stuck with them until they get fired or a spinoff.

Shannon started yelling at Vicki who was fresh from her heart attack so she ended the conversation and went to bed. After she left even more drama went down. Kelly finally had enough of Peggy telling her what to do and put her in her place! Kelly owned Peggy because of course she didn't understand what was happening. During all this Tamra peed her pants and then slept in them and wore them the next day. When you sleep in your pee then you know you had a great night! Peggy complained that last night was the worst night of her life but that was Kelly on about a 3.

The next morning all the girls went shopping while Peggy stayed in her room ignoring everyone, literally it was like she took a Buddhist vowel of silence or something. Peggy you're not important enough to get away with crap like that, first season housewives need to be front and centre and every event if they wanna come back. Who gave her the option to sit in her room and sulk all day? This is the REAL HOUSEWIVES, woman up! Obviously this girl doesn't watch the show. While Peggy sat in her room, all the girls went to the store and were all getting along, they even laughed over Kelly's chin hair jab. It was super weird seeing Shannon even smile in Vicki's direction but it was fun seeing these girls come together as a cohesive group for the first time all season. The girls went back to their hotel with their matching fluffy headbands and Peggy was still being a mute, I only noticed she was gone when no one was questioning everyday phrases. If Peggy thought yesterday was tough then she has no idea what's coming because Shannon, Meghan and Kelly all come for her in next weeks episode!

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Monday at 9/8c on Bravo. Stay tuned at Good Tea for our shady recaps and exclusive tea on the first ladies of Bravo.

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