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Wendy Williams Collapsed on Live TV! Watch the SHOCKING Clip Here!

Wendy Williams has been one of the hottest topics lately!

On Tuesday's halloween "How You Booin'" show, Wendy dressed up as the statue of liberty and served us an iconic look! Then, all of a sudden the talk show host fainted LIVE ON STAGE! The producers cut to an extended commercial break and left fans of the show wondering what had happened?!

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Before she fell Wendy was moving back and forth and looked like she had seen the devil! After they came back from commercial Wendy spilled the tea that she was overheated from her costume and that the fall definitely wasn't a stunt. Just like a pro Queen Wendy kept it moving and finished the show.

Wendy is expected to address her fall on tomorrow's show. If you are a REAL Wendy watcher then you know that her real fear is falling down. Looks like she can re add herself to her "Fall of Shame." The mess!

Watch the shocking collapse above!

Are you shocked to see Wendy fall? Do you think it was a stunt? Sound off in the comments below!

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