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Wendy Williams' Staff Are Concerned She's Having A Breakdown Due to Her Marital Stress!

Wendy Williams

Despite what she says, things have not been going well over in Hunterville.

The production team over on the set of Wendy Williams' talk show have been speaking out about their concern for her. Word on the street is that Wendy's staff have known about her husband Kevin Hunter's cheating and abusive ways for years.

A member of production told ET that they are all concerned for Wendy in this tough time and they all think that she is going to have a breakdown from the constant drama in her personal. The source also said that that she is obviously not handling the stress of the situation well.

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The streets are saying that Wendy acted like she didn't know about her husband's extramarital activities for years, but ever since it broke in the media she has had to face the harsh reality.

We previously reported on Tuesday that Wendy fainted on live TV during her Halloween special. The talk show host blamed it on overheating in her costume and menopause but I think her stressful marriage had something to do with it.

Do you think Wendy fainted because of her marriage issues? Sound off in the comments below!

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